As your city council member, I pledge to be accessible, to listen, to do my homework, and to make common sense decisions. We won’t agree on all the issues but you’ll always know where I stand.

Effective Governance

I think the public’s best interests are served when the council conducts its business civilly and constructively.

My first action will be to introduce a governance handbook that includes a code of conduct for council members, roles and responsibilities, voting protocol, etc. We have a governance handbook for the school board that is reviewed annually; I was surprised to learn the council doesn’t have something similar.

As an example, the section on voting protocol in our FCUSD Governance Handbook says:

“Each Trustee respects the right of other Trustees to vote “no” on an issue.

Board members agree it is a courtesy to the governance team to explain the reasons for a “no” vote either during the deliberation or before casting the vote.

Board members are expected to cast a yes or no vote to indicate their preference and to abstain only when they have a conflict of interest.”

Public Safety

I believe public safety is government’s most important responsibility. As our state leaders continue to water down our criminal justice system I think it’s more important than ever to provide local law enforcement the resources they need to keep us safe.


I support the efforts of the city, and our non-profit and faith-based partners, to connect homeless residents with housing, substance abuse programs, and mental health services. At the same time, I believe the city has an obligation to protect the health and safety of all its residents by enforcing existing city ordinances that prohibit camping, littering, and relieving oneself in public.


As the mom of a teenage driver, I’m committed to making our streets as safe as possible. I think all options should be on the table including increased patrols, traffic calming measures such as roundabouts, and streetscapes that take into account pedestrians and cyclists, not just cars.

Rather than widen roadways to create capacity I want to look at creative ways to reduce traffic knowing that folks will only give up their cars if there’s an easy, affordable, and convenient alternative. Extended light rail hours, increased bus services on main routes, and micro-transit options to get people from their homes to those main transportation corridors are ideas that should be explored.

I’d also like to see signage on our trails directing pedestrians and cyclists to schools and local landmarks.

Economic Development

As a former Chair of the Board of Directors of the Folsom Chamber of Commerce, I strongly support business recruitment and retention efforts. Folsom’s quality of life and excellent schools make us an attractive option for businesses looking to expand or relocate. A good balance of jobs to houses reduces commute times and would help relieve congestion on Highway 50.


Folsom has grown gradually, with oversight from elected officials. Folsom voters had an opportunity to set parameters for the anticipated growth south of Highway 50 through “Measure W”, which was approved by voters in November 2004 and is now part of the City Charter. I intend to be sure that the growth south of Highway 50 is consistent with Measure W, and that new development south of Highway 50 is scrutinized against Measure W and all other adopted City policies. If changes to any development plans (whether north or south of the freeway) are requested over time by a developer, I will be sure that there is a positive benefit to all parts of the City, again taking into account both north and south of Highway 50. My objective is to have new development blend seamlessly into our existing community.