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Why one city’s vice mayor got a second gig waiting tables

CBS News | November 19, 2021

The vice mayor of Folsom, California, has taken on a side hustle at a local restaurant — but she’s not doing it for the money. Rather, it’s to help relieve a severe labor shortage in the area and, perhaps more important, to serve as a role model she hopes other residents of the city will emulate as businesses seek workers.

“I decided to lead by example,” Sarah Aquino told CBS MoneyWatch.

Aquino, who along with serving as Folsom’s vice mayor also sells life and health insurance, said that being self-employed gives her enough flexibility to take on yet another job. So for two weeks now she’s been hosting guests as well as waiting and clearing tables at Folsom’s Back Bistro, owned by husband and wife Jeff and Gail Back.

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